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The first potato chips in Latvia

1986 is the year when the first potato chips are produced in Latvia. Only two flavours are offered Original and with Onion. Each package contains 200g of chips.

The founding year of the company

In 1992 a private company is established that keeps the production of the chips that are already beloved by many Latvians.  

New design

In order to meet the market requirements a new design and size of the package is introduced. Which is the first change in the product since the very beginning.


Having seen the increased demand for the chips the company decides to enlarge its production premises. After reconstruction the factory was double the size. 

New equipment

A new automatic packing and labeling line is bought that optimizes the production process and ensures the consistency of the product.

Flow pack

Purchase of the flow pack allowed the product  to be wrapped in a plastic film protecting it from the sun, moisture and air thus extending the shelf life up to 6 months. 

Plāksnes brand

After installing the flow pack and inkjet printer a new package is introduced. This push gave the opportunity to revise the design of the packaging and introduce a new brand name – Plāksnes which literally translates as plates. Plāksnes is now able to offer 7 different flavours ! … Cheese, Bacon, Dill, Bacon & Onion, Cheese & Onion, Ketchup and Mexicano. Plāksnes is successful in the market place for the next 18 years.

The first export package

2010 brought about our first venture into export.

New factory

Increase in orders means we need more capacity and a decision is made to build a new factory which is completed within 2 years.

Long Chips

A few years after the first export venture it becomes clear that a new brand name is needed and by 2013 Long Chips is introduced. Self explanatory wording that answers the ultimate question – what are they? … its LONG ! chips offering unique and innovative snacking experience.